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I’ll let you in on a little secret: many times when you see me posting a picture like this, I’m actually testing out the camera on a new smartphone. Remember, any phone can take great pictures of flowers and building, but the true tests are kids (they move a lot) and groups of people, especially selfies. Now you know.

VIZIO adds AirPlay

VIZIO is doing something pretty cool with their TV sets: they are adding a bunch of new features through a software update. The most notable is AirPlay. This means you can finally show off your iPhone pictures on the big screen in a super simple way. You can also use Siri to play movies and TV shows, and stream content from AirPlay enabled apps.

The update will hit TV’s 2016 model year and up. BTW, if you have a Samsung, you’re getting AirPlay as well. Their software update was released May 13 and will hit select 2018 TVs and many 2019 TV’s. If you haven’t checked for an update lately, now might be a good time.

LG and Sony TV’s will get an update with the feature later this year.


Recognizing violence before it starts

We did a feature on an interesting new startup called Athena Security that’s using Artificial Intelligence to detect crimes before they happen. The startup integrates into existing security camera setups and scans footage in real time for guns, knives, violence and even slips and falls.

The idea is that the system can identify a potential issue before even a human could. It can alert authorities, speak audible warnings and even automatically lock doors and elevators as a precaution.


Digital Weight Lifting

Gym weight rooms can be intimidating, so what if you never had to step foot in one again? That’s the idea behind Tonal, a high tech startup making a home workout machine you mount to your wall.

It looks like a vertical TV, but it’s packed with virtual trainers who lead you through exercises. The device uses electrical resistance to create up to 200 pounds of weight.

It’s not cheap: $3500 for the system, plus a monthly subscription fee, but hey, you never have to leave your house.


T-Mobile Free Netflix Perk Now Costs $2 a Month

FYI if you have free Netflix through your T-Mobile plan. That perk will now cost you $2 a month. Netflix raised its prices, and T-Mobile is passing the extra cost on to you.

Don’t want to pay it? Your options are to switch to the Netflix Basic plan, which doesn’t including HD streaming or “turn off” the free Netflix perk.


Lyft $20 deal

Lyft has a deal for LA riders where you can nab $20. Just take 5 shared Lyft rides before July 15 and they’ll give you a $20 TAP credit.


Finally, Video Editing on Android

This was a big week for creators who use Android devices. Up until now, there wasn’t an easy way to edit video on these devices, and now there is.

Adobe released their mobile video editing app, called Premiere Rush, on Android. I’ve been using it since they launched it on iOS back in October, and it’s pretty amazing what you can do on a mobile phone. Right now Rush works on select Android phones including new Samsungs, Pixels and OnePlus devices.

Here’s a little video I shot on the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and edited with Rush. It’s super simple, but incredible that you can do this all on a phone.

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