Reports of iTunes Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

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Good Morning!

This week was a big one. I probably say that a lot, but when Apple says iTunes is going away, people get defensive.

It started with a single report, then ballooned into full on panic mode for millions of folks around the country who have purchased music, curated playlists and more.

Then we got the real scoop at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose. I attended the keynote to hear first hand what’s changing and what’s not. I’ll break it all down for you in this week’s newsletter.

If you’re not an Apple user, I apologize for this week’s edition in advance. Rest assured, I’m not forgetting my Android friends, but Apple sort of dominated this week’s news cycle.

iTunes is dead

That’s the headline you probably saw everywhere, but that’s not really true. The correct headline would read “iTunes Software is being split apart into three new app.” See, definitely not as sexy.

Here’s the real deal: iTunes software as we know it is going to cease to exist on the Mac operating system. Its features - managing music, renting movies, listening to podcasts and syncing iDevices - will move to different apps.

Managing music will be handled by a new Apple Music app. It will allow you to buy music just like before and manage your previously purchased music and playlists.

Movies and TV shows move to the TV app. You’ll still be able to access your purchases there, make new ones and rent videos too.

Podcasts move to the Apple Podcasts app, which is similar to what’s on the iPhone. If you’re not subscribed to mine, search for it. It’s called - you guessed it - Rich on Tech.

Syncing devices moves to Finder on the Mac.

One bonus feature Apple didn’t really highlight is that soon you’ll be able to plug your iPhone into a Mac computer and it will function sort of like a USB flash drive so you can drag and drop files onto it! So cool.

iTunes gift cards remain the same, as do subscriptions.

Whew. If you still have more questions, check out this support document Apple created to calm the hysteria.

Apple WWDC 2019

WWDC is Apple’s yearly event where they show off what’s coming soon to their products via software updates.

That’s the part that’s interesting to you and I. Software developers - you know, the people who actually code the apps we use - go there to learn what they’ll be able to accomplish with Apple’s tools.

Among the big announcements: iOS 13 will get a dark mode, better robocall filtering and more. CarPlay is getting a new look. Siri is getting a new voice.

Apple Watch is getting new apps, including one that help you keep your hearing in check, as well as support for streaming audio.

On the iPad, you’ll finally be able to plug in an external hard drive or USB flash drive.

Watch my segment on the big changes or read my full write up using the link below.

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Rich on Tech Podcast: A Definitive Guide to Upcoming iTunes Changes

In my podcast, I talk about the tech news, apps and gadgets I think you should know about. Plus, I answer your pressing tech questions with the help of Producer Meghan!

Here’s what we talk about in the latest show:

Everything you need to know about upcoming changes to iTunes; new features coming soon to the iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV macOS; Amazon’s new StyleSnap feature to help you shop for similar looking clothes; Spotify’s new Pandora-lookalike app called Stations; questions from listeners on topics including the Surface Pro, Verizon alternatives, removing yourself from group messages and solving WiFi issues.

Odds and Ends

Amazon has a new way to shop called StyleSnap - it lets you take a picture of something someone is wearing and they’ll show you similar looking items to shop for.

Spotify has a new app called Stations that’s a lot like Pandora. Free music! Check it out on Google Play or iOS.

Tweet of the Week

Closing Thoughts

I don’t get the newspaper anymore, but my in-laws do. It occurred to me as I was flipping through the LA Times that there’s probably an entire generation that doesn’t know what this is:

I’m assuming you do, but ask your kids.

That’s it for this week. If you have a question for me, feel free to hit the reply button and I’ll do my best to answer it. Have a fantastic weekend.


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